Solar Crawl Space & Foundation Vent Fans

CSF 210 solar crawl space fan with adjustable Flex Mount


Solar crawl space fans and solar foundation vent fans.  Small. Powerful. Versatile. Effective.

  • 10 watt monocrystalline solar panel, compact high output IP55 exhaust fans that fit inside the foundation vents, and tilt & rotate solar panel Flex Mount combine to remove humidity and noxious odors from under the house and heat and moisture from small enclosures.
  • Ventilates approximately 1200 square feet of 3 foot high crawl space, typically 1-2 fresh air changes per hour.
  • Proven hurricane tough.
  • Optional solar panel Flex Mount attaches to solid building structure, post, railing, etc, not the roof top. No roof access needed for solar panel installation. Allows optimum sunlight capture from any side of most structures and allows the panel to be located out of view.
  • No crawl space access needed, typically installs in existing foundation vent openings or in foundation access panel from outside. 
  • Requires at least 2 crawl space vent openings; one for each fan, one of equal or greater size for make-up fresh air supply. 
  • Easy solar panel adjustments. 
  • Automatic on-off. 
  • Uses existing freeze protection. Easily unplugged for additional protection.
  • Quiet.
  • CSF 210 Basic is the CSF 210 without the adjustable solar panel Flex Mount.  The small (7" x 16"), light solar panel has spacers on the back that allow panel cooling and drainage. It attaches to a clean, flat, sunlit surface area of at least 7" x 16", using silicone or other outdoor adhesive caulk (not provided). No screws or holes needed. 

CSF 210 Basic with flat adhesive mounting



Solar Crawl Space Vent Fans gradually pull the wet and musty air out, allowing dryer, fresher daytime outdoor air to replace it, absorbing moisture and odors. This cycle repeats itself several times every day, all year, gradually drying and ventilating the crawl space.

The fans automatically shut down at night, during rain/snow, during fog, and during heavy cloud cover.  Insulation values for the floor above improve and the indoor environment improves, too, using free sunlight.


Be Careful! 

We deliberately make CSF fans as exhaust fans so that there is no chance to push “bad” air from the crawl space into the living areas above. 

We also deliberately make them smaller, lower power fans so  that there is no chance of pulling air out of the living area, which  could also dangerously back draft furnaces, fired water heaters, kitchen  vents, bathroom vents, and other exhaust ducts.

 If more airflow is needed, please contact us at about a specific custom CSF arrangement for the specific building. We make custom synchronized push-pull (supply-exhaust) balanced cross-flow solar crawl space fans for larger spaces.