Solar Crawl Space Fans

Solar Crawl Space Fan Model CSF 210

$169 plus shipping

Removes humidity and noxious odors.

Use one as an exhaust fan, or pairs for push-pull supply & exhaust.

Ventilates approximately 1200 square feet of 3 foot high crawl space.

Uses existing freeze protection.

Solar panel Flex Mount attaches to solid building structure, post, railing, etc, not the roof top. 

Easy adjustments. 

Automatic solar on-off, no thermostats, humidistats, or other controls needed. 

No roof access needed for solar panel installation. 

No crawl space access needed, install in existing foundation vent openings or in access door. 

Total cfm >180 (typical) 

Sound- 45 dBA 

Requires at least 2 crawl space vent openings; one for each fan, one of equal or greater size for make-up fresh air supply. 

A plastic sheet vapor barrier on the crawl space ground is recommended, to block groundwater evaporation.  

Standard 5 year warranty and eligible for tax credits.


Easy to Install kit includes – · 

  • 12 volt 10 watt mono-crystalline solar panel, 16.5”x 7.5” x 1” (approximately) · 
  • Flex Mount 8”x4”x4” adjustable solar panel mount with 9” aluminum standoff adapter · 
  • (2) 12volt IP55 water and dust resistant DC fans, rated >180 cfm · 
  • 16” x 6”aluminum vent louver with 1/8” insect screen · 
  • 25 foot UV and water-resistant 16awg wire with connectors · 
  • Mounting screws.