Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans

Solar Powered Soffit Fan Model 430D

$279 plus shipping

More compact, more robust, higher discharge pressure than previous models. 

Suitable for more restricted soffit vents. Reduces attic heat & humidity.

Ventilates up to 1000 square feet of typical, non-partitioned attic as fresh air supply.

Fans install through existing soffit vents between 16”o.c. or 24”o.c. roof trusses.

Solar panel Flex Mount attaches to solid structure, not on the roof.  

Distributed or combined fan fresh air supply. 

Water & dust resistant to IP55 or greater. 

Automatic solar on-off; no thermostats, humidistats, or controls needed. 

No roof or attic access needed. 

Easy adjustments. 

Total cfm > 420 (typical) Pressure - 0.37” H2O 

Sound - 45 dBA   

Includes – · 

  • 12 volt 30 watt mono-crystalline solar panel, 18” x 22” x 2”, 6.2 lbs (approximately) · 
  • Flex Mount 8”x4”x4” adjustable solar panel mount with 6"x6" standoff adapter · 
  • (2) 12 volt DC fan clusters with tool-free spring mounts, each cluster 9.5”x 5.5” x 3.3” · 
  • (2) 15 foot UV and water-resistant 16awg wires with waterproof connectors · 
  • Mounting screws.