Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans

Solar Soffit Fan Model SPSF 430D

30 watt solar powered soffit fan kit. Flex Mount not shown.

Small. Powerful. Versatile. Effective.

  • 30 watt solar panel, compact high output fans that fit inside the soffit vents, and tilt & rotate solar panel Flex Mount combine to provide fresh air supply to the attic, reducing attic heat & humidity.  Fan pressure up to 0.37” H2O puts fresh air deep into the attic space. 
  • Easy Installation. No -
    • Cutting or drilling holes in the roof. 
    • No leaks.
    • No need to access the roof.
    • No need to go in the attic to install the fans.
    • No roofing work or repairs.
  • Proven hurricane tough.
  • Ventilates up to 1000 square feet of typical, non-partitioned attic with fresh air supply. 7-10 fresh air changes per hour above the ceiling, where it counts.  
  • Fans can be installed from outside through soffit vents, without going into the attic.
  • Solar Panel Flex Mount attaches to solid structure (wall, chimney, truss ends, solid fascia, etc), not to the roof deck.  Allows optimum sunlight capture from any side side of most buildings, and allows the solar panel to be located out of view.
  • Water & dust proof to IP55. 
  • Automatic on-off. 
  • Quiet - 45 dBA   

Each easy to install kit includes – 

  • 12 volt 30 watt mono-crystalline solar panel, 18” x 22” x 2”, 6.2 lbs (approximately).
  • Flex Mount 8”x4”x4” adjustable solar panel mount with 6"x6" standoff adapter.
  • Two fan clusters with tool-free installation spring mounts, each cluster 9.5”x 5.5” x 3.3”.
  • Two 15 foot UV and water-resistant outdoor wires  and connectors.
  • Mounting screws.   
  • Warranty
  • Tax credit eligibility certificate

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