Product Notes and Solar Panel Mounts

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  • Small Solar Panels  SPSF only uses premium monocrystalline 12VDC panels with 20 year power output warranties and IP67 protection. Our Flex Mounts optimize panel sunlight capture, regardless of mounting surface angles. Panels can be mounted anywhere there is sunlight, up to 120 feet from the fans, out of sight. 
  • Fans - Safe, quiet, brushless, high efficiency,  state-of-the-art 12VDC. Fans are located inside, out of sight. No protruding boxes or domes. UL Listed, polarity protected, with locked rotor protection.  Water and dust resistant to standard IP55. Electrically matched to our solar panel specs for best performance.
  • Safety - Low power systems with no known fire or shock hazard. All electrical components and plastics are UL Listed. Once installed, no exposed moving parts. No attic or roof access required for solar panel or attic fan installation. A ladder may be needed for roof edge solar panel installation and soffit fan installation.  
  • Tools Required - Solar panel Flex Mounts require a drill and an adjustable wrench. Soffit fans mount inside the soffit vent with built-in metal springs, no tools are required other than for opening the vent. Crawl space fans mount with a drill and a screw driver. All electrical connections are silicone-filled wire nuts.   
  • Weather Tolerance– The roof membrane is not involved, so there are no potential leaks. Solar panels can be mounted to solid roof-edge fascia board/structure, to building structure, or to other solid structure. Solar panels and Flex Mounts are designed for hurricane strength winds, but are easily taken down (2 nuts and bolts) before hurricanes/named storms. We strongly recommend taking Flex Mount solar panels down before hurricanes, if possible, to avoid damage by projectiles! Fans are water and dust resistant to IP55 or equivalent, located inside the structure, out of direct weather.    External wires are stranded copper, UV and water resistant.  Fans are installed/located inside soffit or foundation vent louvers and/or screens where they are protected from blowing precipitation and debris, such as inside the soffit vents, inside the attic eaves, or inside foundation vent louvers/dampers.    
  • Vented Area -  Our recommendations are based on our tests and experience with typical attics and crawl spaces that do not have partitions.  Results vary somewhat for each application. 
  • Adjustment  -Always use the Flex Mount to tilt the panel for your location and to point the solar panel to the southwest! This will help prevent the fans from coming on in the early morning when the attic air is cooler (soffit fans) or ground condensation is present (crawl space fans), and will prolong the fan run time later in the day.  

Solar Panel Flex Mounts

Flex Mount on 30 watt panel

  • Fully adjustable, using a unique, strong, compact 8” high x 4” x 4” ball and socket that allows the solar panel to be rotated 360 degrees and up to tilted 320 degrees.
  • Solar panel is easily detachable from the base, allowing the panel to be removed for vehicle movement or for severe storm protection. 
  • Provides easy, optimum adjustment for sunlight capture at your location, even seasonal adjustment.  (Think of it as an adjustable satellite dish for solar energy!). 
  • Mounting surface angle and orientation have little or no effect on the panel location and efficiency. The base can easily be mounted with 4  screws or bolts to the structure, including roof edges, the side of the structure, on a post, on a fence, on a railing, on a vehicle, or on another solid sunlit structure.  No racks or poles needed. No reason to go on the roof to install or adjust. 
  • No need for complex controls, easy adjustment lets the panel's position act as the automatic on-off control. 
  • Made to withstand hurricane force winds, but easy to remove and re-install for named storms in hurricane zones (we recommend this).
  • Fits most small solar panels that are 18” or less in width. 
  • Use with shingle, tile, concrete, and metal roofs without problems.